Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sketch 247 & Hand Stamped Sentiments Inspiration Challenge #281~ HEARTS

I'm so grateful that today my little stamp order came to my house.  I was struggling to make thank you notes for the sympathy cards I have been receiving.  I'm so humbled that people care enough to send me cards during this sad time.   So I wanted to make a special thank you, and nothing was coming to mind until the mail person delivered my order.  Yay.   I ordered the Sure Do Love you bundle which I used to make this card today.  I ordered it to make a Wedding card for my daughter's wedding next weekend.    With that order I qualified to pick a free celebration stamp set and I chose the Heartfelt blooms.  It worked perfectly for the sympathy thank you notes for my mom.
I really am trying to decorate the inside of my cards more.  It truly does give them a more finished look.   I choose non-traditional colors for this Valentine card.  I like the playful background.   I chose to work with purple and green for accent colors.  The twine and the leaves under the center heart.  I placed them there to resemble an arrow.    I added a few dimensional dots to raise it up a bit.  The jewels had to be placed there on the banner because of a few smudges.  (sigh) 
I'm going to submit this card to the following challenges.
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Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

If you want to read my mom's memorial card

Friday, January 19, 2018

Tuesday Morning Sketches #436

 Well dear  friends/followers of my blog, we had mom's funeral yesterday.   It was a long hard day, but we all held up good.  That was until we got to the cemetery and they had dug the wrong spot.  OMGOSH>>> can you believe it?   And then my poor dad had to go talk with the women who was in charge and not very helpful, my sister then went in to assist.  I was sitting in the car thinking oh gosh that's like sending two loaded guns in there.  So I went in.  I'm not a confrontational person, or take charge gal. BUT it must have been divine intervention.  I told dad to be with the funeral guests.. and my sister too.  I spoke with the women.. she said the site would not be ready until Saturday.. I told her that was unacceptable.  She proceeded to say they didn't have the equpiment to heat the ground faster then that.  I told her to find someone that could.  She then said it would cost a lot, I told her she'd be then one covering it since as she said, "it's our booboo"  omgosh.. talk about stress.. then says we have a storage shed we can put your mom there for now until we get the site ready.. NO WAY.. I asked the funeral director to take her back with him.. The angel of a man said of course.. and he got on the phone and started calling too, he found a company that is actually from where I live, and my husband knows them.. they stopped everything they were doing, and came down to work on the correct site.  Let me also just say this.. it was about 3:30pm.    They brought their heated jack hammers and tractor scoop down, and by 5:30 we were back at the cemetery.  They were so professional.  We used the vault they had there, and then a tractor came and transported mom up to her final resting spot and lowered her in.  I had not ever witnessed this part of the funeral before, but as we were standing in the dark with tractor lights and sounds.. it was somewhat peaceful.. Between the grandsons and husbands we had enough pall bearers.. and my sister played Amazing Grace.    Gosh talk about stress.   But God had a plan (of course) and it all worked out in the end.   We went back to the house with dad and had pizza.. and spent sometime with him to make sure he was doing good.  Here is my mom's memory card.  Sorry it's not the best picture. I took it with my lap top. 

Now for the card I made.  I honestly thought perhaps I've lost my creative juices.  I just couldn't seem to get in a groove.  I knew I wanted to try and make a Valentine card with this sketch at: 
But goodness gracious it was more difficult then I thought it would be.   Lots of pattern paper and perhaps that's what threw me for a loop, I don't work to well with it.  Very little stamping just the heart and sentiment.  I cut out the heart and colored it in carefully adding clear wink of stella, and adding some pearl drops to the flowers and also to the flower strip I punched out.   I thought the heart brads in the corner were a nice finishing touch.
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One week until my daughter's wedding.
Please keep our family in your prayers.  
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuxedo (Black & White) Card Challenge

My goodness, it's been 10 days exactly since my last blog post.  So much has happened.    My mom was in palliative care less then a week.  On Monday we made all the arrangements and got her admitted.  I was struggling with what I just assumed was low blood sugar or something.  So the next day (Tuesday) I went to the dr. for a little check up.  He hooked me up to an EKG which apparently was a bit wonky, and from there I was taken by ambulance to the hospital ER and then had to spend the night.  I was released on Wednesday evening, and sent home on baby aspirin, and tomorrow we go to the doctor so he can go over test results.   I'm very nervous, and would appreciate prayers.   Needless to say I was unable to go visit my mom then last week.  So this past Saturday my husband had off and we headed over to Palliative care Hospital.  (about 40 minutes away)   When we got there dad told me she had passed away about 40 minutes before I got there.  So much to my distress I was overwhelmed with not getting there in time.     Her funeral will be this Thursday the 18th at 2pm.  I know she is in peace and no more pain.  Praising the LORD for that.  

Onto the card.  I am having a hard time concentrating on card making but thought I'd try and play along with the challenge at: Cards In Envy  the theme is : Tuxedo, black and white cards.

I used my stampin up Swan Lake set to make this card.  I even stamped the inside. which is rare for me.  I really should start doing that more.. Just makes the card seem more complete.   I added a bit of clear wink of stella to mama swan on the front, so she would sparkle.  

I've also added a picture of the sympathy card I made for my Dad, Sister, Grandma, Aunts and Uncles.
Thank you all for your continued prayers. 
I will try to keep stamping and keep smiling.    


Saturday, January 6, 2018

SUO Challenge 191~Let it SNOW ~Snow Angels

 Well I brought out a few of my older stampin up favorites to make this card.   The snowman and little girl is from a 1999 set titled "snow angels"  and the sentiment is from a 1997 set titled "Let it Snow"   it actually stamps that sentiment 3 times, so I just cut out one.  I also fussy cut out the other images too, after I colored them.  I added a bit of wink of stella to the snowman, and snowballs to make it shimmer a little bit.   I always love the rosy checks and noses of little ones after they have been outside playing in the snow.  I also fondly remember the kids coming in the house whipping off their snow caked mittens and boots, scarves, snow-pants, hats..etc.  so they could sip some hot chocolate. sweet.  I have to tell ya a short story about the "snow angels set.  I actually had bought it once upon a time when it first came out, and when my kiddos where younger.   But  then I made the mistake of selling it.   Well folks I did that to one other set too, it was the one with the little boy and girl in Autumn, raking leaves.  I found the Snow Angels on ebay and bought them for a second time.. I have not come across the Autumn set yet.  But I know I will want that too.  I should have not ever sold them. They remind me so much of my kids.  And I suppose now that I'm older and they are grown I'm just very sentimental about it.   Plus it was a lesson learned,  Really think long and hard before selling your stampin up stamp sets.  I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at: SUO Challenges Brrr.  Baby it's cold Outside.

I've included a picture of our very well fed little fella here.  He sure does love his corn.  
Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.  If you're not a regular follower I invite you to become one, and also want to let you know that my blog is not publishing the comments for some reason.  I'm still receiving them in my emails and such but they are just not showing up under my blog posts.  UGH❕ always something.    I just want you to know how much I love and appreciate all you words.  So thank you for taking time to let me know you visited.  
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

Winter Chills Card Challenge

I made this card for the challenge at: Cards In Envy where the theme is "Winter Chills"   I thought how appropriate since it's been below zero for the past week here in Wisconsin. These little feathered friends have snuggled up together on a branch to stay warm.  

I also want to let ya know that for some reason again my blog is having issues receiving comments.😞  I get them delivered in my emails, but not in my blog comment section.  UGH!!! always something with my blogger.  GRRRR.    I have so much going on right now, that I'm just hoping this fixes itself.  I'm so overwhelmed with many things.  My mom's health, the wedding, and apparently now my health again.  *sigh.  Praying for peace and strength.
Please KNOW  I really appreciate you taking time to comment, and like I said I'm receiving them by email.  So THANK YOU.
Keep Smiling and Keep Stamping.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Week 281: ENCOURAGE~Beautiful YOU

A dear Christian Mentor friend called me this morning.  Her words of encouragement were just what I needed.    I could sense my burdens being lifted from my shoulders as she spoke over me and prayed.   She also shared many good scripture verses with me too.  Such a blessing.   I was telling her about my plant that usually sits on the table.  I have many household plants (about 50).  This particular one was from my daughter.  Watering day is usually on Monday, and they all just get a drink then.   But because of the holidays and my mom's failing health (hospital runs), and helping my daughter with the wedding(Jan 27th).. I completely forgot to water plants.  Well, I noticed it the other day when the lovely fittonia was laying flat on the soil dead is what I assumed.  So sad.  I picked it up and gave it a drink.  and PRAISE the LORD the little plant has started to show signs of life again.  I hope it survives.  But you know it made me think of my life with out Jesus, Bible study and prayer.  Just lifeless and limp.  He truly is the Living Water that makes our soul bloom.  I'm so thankful to Him for that gentle reminder of getting back in "step" with Him.   Which now brings me to today's card.   Encouragement.  God never leaves us.  We just need to take that first "step"  He will be there with open arms.  I also like the acronym for FAITH=Forwarding-All-Issues-To-Heaven
I'm going to submit this card to the challenge at: CASology
I also thought I'd include a song that came to my mind about taking the first step
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sketch 245~Happy Valentine's Day

Gosh I went to the store with my husband on New Year's day and they have the Valentine's stuff out in full force.  I'm still celebrating Christmas here.  Tree is still up  along with all the decorations and such.  But when I saw another fun challenge at:  Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge  I just thought tic tac toe board with hearts.

It's to bad I couldn't cut my hearts out a little better.  I have two heart punches that are way to big, and one that is way to small.  It was like the children's story book, "Goldilocks" but none were "just  right"    So fussy cutting had to be done.   I think this is such a neat sketch design.   I love seeing what people create with their cards.
I also added a picture of this cute little fella on the deck today.  HP just goes nuts, but it don't bother Mr. Squirrel one bit.  
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